Lash Lift Perth has arrived at Perth’s Eyelash Specialists!

The latest eyelash enhancement has taken Europe by storm and was 2016’s most requested treatment at beauty salons on Australia’s East Coast.

A Lash Lift, also known as “LVL Lashes” orĀ  “Yumi Lashes“, is the latest development in lash perming and will open up your eyes and brighten your entire look. Eyelash Lifts straighten, lift and then reshape your natural lashes from the root creating ultimate volume and length.

The process involves using a light adhesive to lift your natural lashes from the root and bond them to a silicone mould. It’s very important that they are styled with precision to avoid any criss cross and bonding on the new shape.

A relaxer is then used to release the lashes from their natural curl and straighten them, increasing their length. This is followed by a setting agent to lift and adhere them to the mould defining their new expertly designed shape.

Once complete, we include a complimentary Lash Stain (tint) to really make your eyes go pop! Black, Blue Black, Red , Purple, Chestnut tints are in stock.

Forget Mascara Get a Lash Lift Article

Here’s why the Lash Lift Revolution is Trending

Lash Naps!

Relax and close your eyes. Even more relaxing than having eyelash extensions applied. A Lash Lift is a comfortable treatment which takes around 40-60 minutes. Your usual lunchtime lash naps are safe and can continue.

Luscious Length & Volume

Add luscious length to your lashes. The unique relaxing and straightening solutions make your natural lashes appear much longer minus the lash extensions. A Lash Lift will also create the illusion of volume by making visible shorter lashes which were previously unseen.

Do you have short or sparse Lashes?

Lash Lift is also suitable for ladies with shorter lashes. Lash Lifts offer those with eyelashes normally too short or too weak for extensions another option. Clients with longer lashes love their Lifts too and some even combine thus look with eyelash extensions for the ultimate WOW factor.

Longlife Lash Lifts

Your Perth Lash Lift grows out and sheds with your natural lash cycle making lash lifts a wonderful longlife beauty treatment. Lash lifts last up to 6 weeks.

No Fuss Lashes

Lash Lifts require minimal aftercare – Swim, Shower & Play as Normal. They are also free from the ongoing maintenance of Lash Extensions with no need for regular refills.

Superior Lash LIft Products

At Perth Lash Extensions, we use Ellabeena products. Their high grade formulation will professionally Lift, Nourish & Condition your lash lifts.

The entire process will take an hour and costs $99.

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Some of the results of our recent Lash Lifts are above.