Lash Extensions In Depth

The Basics

By definition; Eyelash Extensions are the application synthetic lashes to individual natural eyelashes using medical grade adhesive.

The goal of this treatment is to increase the length, fullness and or darkness of that natural eyelash and the lash fringe overall.

The purpose of seeking this transformation is to enhance the appearance of the eye. An illusion is created which makes the eyes appear larger, brighter and younger and causes their colour to pop dramatically.

The Allure of Lashes

After many years of observing their popularity and the transformations that are possible with Eyelash extensions, we believe there are a few key factors in the worldwide popularity of this treatment.

Some studies point to the association of “symmetry” or “symmetrical faces” with attraction and beauty and point out that this concept transcends all different cultures and our passage through time. Perfectly crafted Eyelash Extensions provide an opportunity for us to create or add to facial symmetry.

Lash Mapping

The extent to which this opportunity is explored is highly dependent on the Lash Mapping carried out by your Lash Artist. This takes places at the start of your appointment in consultation with you. Most clients have some idea in mind of how they would like their lashes to look and meeting these expectations is high on our agenda. But making some little tweaks to suit your facial structure, eye shape and the composition of our natural lashes is just as important. Read on for an in-depth look at the specific characteristics that Lash Extensions can correct or adjust.

 Learn about Lash Mapping

Technique & Application Method

There are two primary application methods, namely the contrasting Classic and Volume techniques, which then underpin the Eyelash Extension Styles we have selected for our Lash Menu with each set made up of a different composition of the two primary techniques.

eyelash extension sets

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The Classic Individual style consists of 0.15mm diameter lash extensions individually applied to every suitable natural lash at a 1:1 ratio. The Classic technique uses one set of specialised tweezers to isolate each of your natural lashes one by one, and another set to pick up an extension, cover it in medical grade adhesive and attach it to the natural lash. Classic eyelash extensions are available in lengths ranging from from 6mm-14mm and in different “curls”. After your appointment, your extensions will start to fall out with your natural lashes over their natural lash cycle. Refills are available at 2 or 3 weeks when you could expect to have lost around half or if you decide not to refill you will continue to lose the extensions for another couple of weeks until they are all gone. The Full Classic Set generally takes our experienced technicians around 1hr 15mins up to 1hr 30mins to achieve.

Full Set of Classic Lashes – $135

2 Week Refill – $85

3 Week Refill – $110

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

True Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions involve  the creation of a fan of 4+ extensions by hand and then the application of the fan to one natural lash.

Again, one pair of tweezers are used to achieve perfect isolation of one natural lash whilst another picks up 4-6+ extensions in a hand-made fan configuration, dips them in glue and attaches then to the base of the natural lash.

The thickness of these micro extensions range from 0.05 – 0.10 mm so they are much finer and fluffier than the classic lash extensions, however the technique multiplies the amount of lashes 4-6X over. We have extensions ranging from 6mm- 14mm and various curls in stock.

Russian Volume lashes allow a client with fewer natural lashes to increase the number of lashes present which can not be achieved with the Classic technique. Generally, a shorter length of extension is used with Volume Sets than classic as there are many more extensions in place and the additional length is not required.

The Full Russian Volume set generally takes 2 hours to achieve.

Full Russian Volume- $190

2 Week Refill – $130

3 Week Refill – $150

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions – Combining Classic & Volume Extensions

This style of lash extensions combines both the Classic and Volume techniques in one set and is our most popular style.

We will tailor the right combination for your natural lashes which might be using classic style extensions for the inner half of the lash line and focusing volume on the outer eye, or perhaps spacing the volume fans through out the lash line and filling in between with classic.

Full Set of Hybrid Lashes – $155

2 Week Refill – $110

3 Week Refill – $130

Extreme Russian Volume Lashes

6-8D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions involve the placement of 500-600+ individual extensions per eye to create a dense, lush, dark and fluffy effect which is certainly not for the faint hearted!

Because this specialist technique involves the addition of SO many lashes only SUPER light and fine extensions can be used – at a diameter of 0.05mm each. 5-6 of these extensions will be expertly crafted into a fan BY HAND and then attached to one of your individual natural lashes using medical grade adhesive specially formulated for eyelash extensions.

Not all technicians can perform this service which will take approximately 2.5 hours for a full set. Extensive training, vast experience and high advanced skills are required and 5-6D Extreme Volume will only be performed by our top Lash Artists. For more information on this highly specialised Lash Service please visit our 6-8D Extreme Russian Volume page.

Full Set of 6D+ Extreme Volume Lashes – $230

2 Week Refill – $140

3 Week Refill – $170 Check out our FAQ for the answers to our most common queries or book online below.

Lash Menu



  • Lite Starter
  • $90
  • Half Set Natural 0.5:1
  • 45 mins
  • 15 min touchup $50
  • 1 week refill $85
  • 2 week refill $100
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  • Full Classic
  • $135
  • Full Set Individual 1:1
  • 75 mins
  • 15 min touchup $50
  • 2 week refill $85
  • 3 week refill $110NEW! “Wet Look” + $15
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  • Full Hybrid
  • $155
  • Full Mix Volume + Classics
  • 90 mins
  • 15 min touchup $50
  • 2 week refill $110
  • 3 week refill $130NEW! “Wispy Lashes” + $25
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  • Full Volume
  • $190
  • Full Set Russian 4D
  • 2 Hours
  • 20 min touchup $60
  • 2 week refill $130
  • 3 week refill $150
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  • Extreme Russian
  • $230
  • Full Set Russian 6-8D
  • 2.5 Hours
  • 20 min touchup $60
  • 2 week refill $140
  • 3 week refill $170
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Wispy & Wet Look Upgrades

After offering this styling to our clients by request for some time, we have now added Wispy Lashes and Wet Look styling to our public service menu

We were unprepared for the way these on trend styles have appealed to the whole range of our much varied demographic of Perth clients and we continue to get a buzz off their delight when they see the results.

Both of these styles closely mirror the Individual and Volume application styles but substitute Classic Extensions of 0.15mm in diameter for groups of Volume Extensions 0.07mm in diameter used to create a Spiky texture to the Lash Set. “Wet Look” describes the effect created when applying this substitution to a Classic Set = which is the appearance of Volume Fans , before they dry after getting wet in the shower.  “Wispy Lashes” is the name for the striking look created when interchanging these bold Spikes with Wispy Volume Fans in a Hybrid or Volume Set. Read on for more information about the Wet & Wispy Upgrades which has converted so many of our existing clients.


The removal of Eyelash Extensions can take up to half an hour and involves using an acetone based gel remover to soak off the adhesive without damage. It is an intricate process which requires a high level of skill and concentration.

If the lashes requiring removal are a couple of weeks old and have been applied well 15 minutes should be sufficient time. Removal of extensions applied by our own team can always be done in this period and the vast majority of removals from elsewhere are routine & can also be completed within 15 minutes.

In some rare cases we are asked to remove badly applied or problem sets applied elsewhere which can take additional time due to damage or incorrect products having been applied. In these cases we must charge for extra time once we exceed 15 minutes. If you are unsure please contact us before booking.

If you follow the removal with a replacement set we discount the removal price to $30.

Removal prior to New Full Set – up to 15 mins $30

Removal Only – $50

Refill Extensions Applied Elsewhere

Many Lash Salons will not refill extensions they have not applied themselves. This is because when adding to the existing work of another Lash Artist, there is a risk that an issue may present itself post service due to pre-existing issues. Even if the issue was due to poor application or products which were present prior to the refill – there is a chance that responsibility will be automatically inherited as the most recent service provider.

Whilst we prefer to start a fresh with our own high quality products and techniques, we do understand that in some cases clients may have existing extensions of a high quality in place but may not be able to return to their original Lash Artist. For example, they may be in Perth travelling or on business, or may live locally but their usual technician is away. We do not feel the client should be unfairly disadvantaged by being forced to completely remove and restart in these circumstances and so if we inspect and determine the application in place is to our own standard, at our discretion we may refill existing work.

There is a one off charge which applies if the most recent refill was not done by us to allow for matching, any potential repair and to mitigate any potential risk.  If our Lash Artist determines on inspection they are unable to refill the existing extensions, a removal will be required.

Refill Extensions Applied Elsewhere – One-off Additional Charge $20

Add Ons: Extensions

bottom lash extensions perth

Bottom Lash Extensions 

Introduced by request in 2018, Bottom Lash Extensions are applied to your lower lash extensions in a similar manner to the way Classic Extensions are applied to the upper lashes. While they can be the ultimate WOW factor, they are not for everyone and if you are considering adding these on to your regular Lash appointment these are the 3 Key thing to keep in mind:

  1. No more mascara! ( Calling all Special Occasion Lashers! ) You can finally toss out that mascara altogether and not worry about Racoon Eyes if there is a high chance of waterworks. Brides Rejoice!
  2. Keep Up With Kim K – Here lies the secret to the dramatic doe-eye look we all desire. You’ll be blown away at how much adding Lower Extensions to Top Lashes can change the look of your eyes. They appear so much bigger and your face actually appears slimmer.
  3. Due to the delicate nature of your bottom lashes, these extensions will not last as long as their sisters at the top. Expect to get around a week (5-10 days) from these babies and so you might want to save up this Doll-Eyed look for a special occasion ❤️

Add On: Bottom Lash Extensions: $75

Eyelash Tint

While not essential to the service, some clients with fairer natural lashes like to tint their natural lashes black prior to adding the black coloured extensions. Using traditional tints on both top and bottom lashes can not only create a balance between the bottom natural eyelashes and new top extensions but can bring shorter baby lashes which are too short to add an extension into view, creating the illusion of more volume.

NB: A Lash Tint can only be done prior to Full Set appointments. Once extensions are in place the tint formula can not be applied as it can affect the glue bond and cause extensions to shed prematurely.

Add On: Eyelash Tint $20

Check out our FAQ  for the answers to our most common queries or book online below.

Our Lash Philosophy

Authentic Russian Volume

REAL Russian Volume Extensions involve the application of a hand made fan of extensions in varying number to one individual natural eyelash. Based on your individual natural lash patterns, thickness, lengths and style a set of lash extensions will be designed which is specially tailored to you. Each fan applied at your appointment will be made, at your appointment.

In recent times we have seen a trend in the industry towards the use of “pre-made” volume fans. Created by a machine, these identical fans are pre-made by the thousand – their application therefore is a “one-size-fits-all” methodology. While there is a place for this much quicker method of creating a set of Lashes please note this is not and should not be referred to as “Russian Volume” which specifically involves the hand-crafting of fans.

At Perth Lash Extensions we do not use pre-made volume fans. The service we are offering is GENUINE Russian Volume using the authentic technique of creating and attaching hand-crafted fans. A much faster service could be offered by using commonly found “pre-made fans” and simply attaching these identical factory made fans to each natural lash. Through years of our experience it is our belief that the same effect can not be achieved as with hand crafted fans. There is a high risk that pre-made extensions will not last as these fans cannot be properly attached to the natural lash and only achieve a short term, superficial bond. As you do your research, please remember to ask your Lash Artists if they are hand-making your volume lash fans.

Lash Mapping / Styling

At the start of your appointment, we will discuss with you the look you would like to achieve and how best we can use the different thicknesses, lengths and curls to help you achieve this. Click here to learn about how we will construct a Lash Map according to the features of your eyes.

Some Example of Lash Shapes

The Cat Eye style is achieved by using extensions increasing gradually in length as they sweep towards the outer sections of each eye. This creates the illusion of larger, wider eyes which are further apart.

In comparison, The Dolly Eye style uses a longer length of extension in the middle of each lash line will create the illusion of eyes which are rounder, rather than wider.

Princess Lash Styling use extensions that remain consistent in length across the whole eye and are one of the more natural options.

lash styles cat eye

Even just a variation in the curl used can make a noticeable different to your look. A ‘D’ Curl extension which has a more defined curl than a ‘C’ curl can be used to open up the eyes of clients with lashes that are naturally downwards pointing, opening up their eyes dramatically.

lash extension curl types perth

Perfect Isolation & Precise Application

These concepts are absolutely fundamental to Lash Extensions and are essential to ensure retention and to prevent damage to your natural lashes. IF the natural lash is not properly isolated, it will result in the clumping of natural lashes and extensions which prevents them from growing freely in their natural direction as they are all stuck together.

Unfortunately there are many inexperienced technicians who operate without adequate training  and we are often asked to fix the aftermath of this. Without correct isolation, the extensions will feel and look normal at first, but as the natural lashes begin to grow within a few days they will pull against each other. This results in discomfort as they poke into the eyelid, itchiness as bacteria forms and is stuck underneath the clump of lashes and even permanent lash damage if the roots are damaged as the extensions are pulled out prematurely.

The Lash Health of our clients is paramount and we will not compromise on this. Incorrect isolation can actually allow a technician a shortcut to achieving a “fuller look” so beware of classic extensions sets which look like “strip lashes” intended to be worn for one night with a water based adhesive only. The Classic technique enhances the natural lashes and achieves volume by making each one longer and thicker. It will not result in an increased number of lashes if done correctly.

You can complete the look for your night out by getting your Tuscan Tan, Aviva or Naked Tan Spray Tan from Perth Tans in the same appointment.

Check out our full Pricelist  including our popular HD Henna Brows Transformation.

Gift vouchers for eyelash extensions and spray tans are available to purchase immediately online. Our vouchers are the perfect way to spoil that special someone who will be delighted with their stunning new look. Check out our FAQ  for the answers to our most common queries or book online below.

Lash Portfolio

A selection of our client results is included below or check out our instagram even further below for more recent examples. For information on our Lash Lift service, which smooths, straightens and extends the natural lashes without the addition of extensions, read more about Perth’s Lash Lift Experts here.