Introducing the Ultimate in Extreme Russian Volume Lashes

6-8D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions involve the placement of 500-600+ individual extensions per eye to create a dense, lush, dark and fluffy

effect which is certainly not for the faint hearted!

5d 6d russian volume eyelash extensions perth

Because this specialist technique involves the addition of SO many lashes only SUPER light and fine extensions can be used – at a diameter of 0.05mm each. 6-8 of these Volume extensions will be expertly crafted into a fan BY HAND and then attached to one of your individual natural lashes using medical grade adhesive specially formulated for eyelash extensions.

Not all technicians can perform this service which will take approximately 2.5 hours for a full set.

Plesse note the service we are offering is GENUINE Russian Volume using the genuine techniue of creating and attaching hand crafted fans. A much faster service could be offered by using commonly found “pre-made fans” and simply attaching these identical factory made fans to each natural lash. This is not Russian Volume, the same effect will not be achieved and your extensions will not last as these fans cannot be properly attached to the natural lash and only achieve a short term, superficial bond. This cheaper, imiation service would be carried out in much less time but the results simply cannot be compared.

Extensive training, vast experience and high advanced skills are required and 6-8D Extreme Volume will only be performed by our top Lash Artists.

For this reason availability is limited. Click to book online but we will contact you to consult with you before your appointment to ensure this service is suitable for you. A deposit is required.


6-8D Extreme Russian Volume Pricing


Full Set: 2 hours 20mins (approx ) $229


2 Week Refills : 1 hour 20mins (approx) $140


3 Week Refills: 1 hour 45 mins (approx ) $170