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One of our most requested services, the Tan Lash & Beauty signature Eyelash Lift is adored by those with busy lives craving a natural, wide-eyed allure.

A Lash Lift manipulates your natural lashes, relaxing, lifting and reshaping them to create an illusion of more volume and increased length.

Once the 45 minute procedure is complete, your stunning results will last 4-6 weeks without the need for maintenance! Available including a complete Lash Tint for $99 at both our North Perth and West Perth locations, this popular treatment is often dubbed “the maintenance free alternative” to extensions.

With unmatched lash expertise, we were among the first to offer the Lash Lift service in Perth and our precision placement sets our results above the rest.

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the secret to a lash lift

The most crucial aspect to this treatment is perfect separation & placement of your natural lashes onto a silicone mould prior to being set in place. Training & experience is required to avoid a criss-crossed placement or a curl too steep to suit the natural lash and sufficient care is crucial as the lashes will remain in their new place for 6-8 weeks.

A 0.5mm difference in the application of the products used in a Lash Lift can mean the difference between an amazing transformation and an over-processed result that can visibly fry the natural lashes. We feel making the correct choice is in whom you entrust to deliver this treatment is perhaps more important for a Lash Lift than any of the others that we offer. Our clients take comfort in choosing one of Perth’s specialised Lash Salons for their treatment, where they are in the hands of a Lash tech with years of experience in the fine motor skills a Lash Lift required.

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Specialised tools are used to carefully mould the natural lashes and the shape they deliver is the distinguishing feature between the results achieved by the Lash Lift and the Lash Perming or rather “Curling” from the 80s and 90s.

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The Eyelash Lift and Tint Process Step by Step

lash lift process

1/ Cleanse. After appropriately removing all traces of oils and debris that naturally collect in the lashes, we apply a light, water based adhesive to lift your natural lashes from the root and bond them to a silicone mould.

2. Place. This is the most fundamental part of the Lash Lift; the perfect placement of your natural lashes prior to the setting and lifting process. It’s very important that your natural lashes are styled with precision to avoid any criss cross and bonding on the new shape. If not done correctly a messy result can ensue which will be set in place for weeks.

3. Release. We use premium Elleebana Lash Lifting solution to relax the lashes from their natural curl and straighten them, increasing their length.

4. Lift. This is followed by the Elleebana Setting Agent to lift their roots and adhere them to the mould defining their new expertly designed shape.

5. Tint. Once complete, we include a complimentary Lash Tint on both the top and the bottom  to really make your eyes go pop!

6. Nourish. Based on an assessment of your natural lashes, the development time we utilised to get an affective lift and their condition as we apply the tint, we may add an additional step to replenish your natural lashes. This is not always required.

The key to the Lash Lift transformation is that this process not only allows the existing natural lashes to  increase in length as they are relaxed and straighted but  suddenly brings a number of shorter and previously invisible natural lashes to come into view when they are lifted from the root and coloured black. suddenly visible as they come into view when they are lifted from the root and coloured black. Behold the ultimate illusion of added volume and length without the addition of a single faux lash.

Clients are regularly in disbelief that the results they witness when the transformation is complete were achieved with the same set of eyelashes they walked in with!

Long Term Natural Lash Health.

Tan Lash & Beauty exclusively use Elleebana products to deliver this treatment, not only guaranteed to Lift your Lashes to perfection but for the assurance of quality and consistency Australian standards require. We are not just interested in a short term result and your satisfaction til you leave our salon but equally invested in protecting your natural  eyelashes from damage to ensure they will be maintained over time.

Unfortunately we know all too well the aftermath of inexperience and a lack of training as we have needed to relax and repair many a Lash Lift performed elsewhere over the years. These experiences have been a learning opportunity and motivation to ensure we safeguard our clients from the same.

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