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Eyelash Extensions are not just any old beauty treatment, they are a fine art! Nothing can substitute the hard work and passion that goes into designing and applying a beautiful set of lashes over several hours.

We know that talented Lash Artists very often have goals which extend beyond working for someone elses business. So in order to keep attracting the best in the industry to work with us , we need to make sure we are supporting their dreams while they help to support ours!

After spending part of their journey with us, many of our former team members later went on to pursue their own aspirations. While we have heard of other Salon businesses who prohibit their team from private work and consider it competitive or a threat, our experience is that with a mutual respect and understanding it can be beneficial for everyone!

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While we will benefit from maintaining a team of super talented Eyelash Technicians, benefits to our team include:

  • Professional Lash Salon Experience – both in terms of work environment and exposure to the operations of the business. You will find it different from a home business in ways you would have never even considered .
  • Dream Team Co-Workers – Lash Artists unite. You will work along side people who share your passion and are just like you. Alot of our team found some of their closest friends while with us an continue friendships with us and each other over the years.
  • Increase Speed & Skill – even the most talented Lash Artists have improved their speed and skills over time, a natural result of specialising in your craft and lashing consistently.
  • Super Charged Flexibility – very rarely do we have a team member work full-time for us without any other commitments. Be it study, other work or business projects, family or otherwise , everyone is juggling multiple priorities. We are all supportive of each other with that and can tailor hours to fit in around school hours and school holidays, design a roster which prefer nights over days or vice versa, alternate a roster from week to fortnight or design a work load from just 1 up to 6 days a week!
  • Generous Pay – we pay well above the award rate and have different options for hourly pay, commission only if you prefer it, bonuses on retail and other.

Because of the multiple priorities we all juggle, even when we don’t have a specific vacancy – if a talented Lash Artist or someone we pick as a new but up and coming star expresses interest in joining us and we can find a way to make it work, we will. Please submit an expression of interested by filling in the form below.

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any questions regarding this form, you can SMS or call 0422783553.