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Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $109
15 Min Touch Up $50
2 Week Refill $70
3 Week Refill $85
Hybrid Lash
Full Set $139
15 Min Touch Up $50
2 Week Refill $80
3 Week Refill $95
3D Russian Volume
Full Set $169
15 Min Touch Up $50
2 Week Refill $90
3 Week Refill $110
5-6D Extreme Russian Volume
Full Set $239
15 Min Touch Up $50
2 Week Refill $129
3 Week Refill $159
Removal Prior to New Set 15min $30 / 30min $50
Removal Only (no new set) $50
Refill Lashes Applied Elsewhere $20

Spray Tanning

Naked Tan Spray Tan $30
Aviva Tan Spray Tan $35
Tuscan Tan Spray Tan $40

Can be booked alone or added to any Lash Appointment

Add Ons

Brow Add Ons
Brow Tidy Up $20
Brow Tint (traditional) $15
Brow Tint (traditional) & Tidy Up $30
*All services bookable as a standalone appointment rather than an add-on but additional $5 will apply to the above
HD Henna Brow Transformation – inc Re-Shape $70
Treatment Mask Add Ons
Charcoal Essential Facial Mask $20
24K Gold Collagen Lip Mask $10
Extensions Add Ons
Bottom/Lower Eyelash Extensions $75
Lash Tint Prior to Full Set (Top and Bottom)  $20
Glamour Boost Extra Time  $20

Lash Lift

Eyelash Lift including Lash Tint: $99

All Brow, Treatment Mask & Spray Tan Add-Ons available at Lash Lift appointments.

 Professional Hair and Make-Up

Total GLAM – Full Face Make-up, Hair Styling & Overnight Strip Lashes $120

Full Face Make-Up Only $80
Hair Styling Only $60 (mid-length)


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do Lash Extensions Work?

Visit our About page for  detailed information on the procedure or Services for individual service descriptions.

How long will Lash Extensions last?

Generally, you will slowly lose the extensions with your natural lashes for 4-5 weeks. If you would like to maintain the extensions it is recommended to return for refills after 2-3 weeks. Alternatively you will continue to lose them for another couple of weeks. It is normal to lose some extensions every day, starting from the day following the procedure.

The number one factor in retaining Lash Extensions for as long as possible is meticulous aftercare.

What is the difference between the types of Lash Extensions?

A Classic application attaches one individual extension to each suitable natural lash. The existing natural lashes become longer and thicker however the total number of lashes is not increased.

A Volume application attaches multiple extensions to one natural lash. Volume extensions are finer and feel softer than those used in Classic however the total number of lashes is multiplied 3+ times. This achieves a fuller, more dramatic look.

Hybrid extensions are a blend of Classic and Volume. See Services.

How long will it take to have them applied?

Lash extensions appointments will take from 1+ hour for Classic to 1.5+ hours for Volume.

Lash Lift appointments will take up to 1 hour for the full procedure.

Spray Tan appointments are 10 minutes.

Appointments are booked back to back. Please allow some extra time to locate the salon so we can maximise the time spent lashing. Due to the large amount of time blocked out for lash appointments please allow 24 hours notice to cancel to avoid a cancellation fee.

Can I get a spray tan and an eyelash extension appointment together?

Yes. You do need to keep your extensions dry following the prodedure but we can carefully avoid the eye area or we can carry out the tan prior to the lashes.

Will Lash Extensions damage my Natural Eyelashes?

Natural Lash Damage occurs for two main reasons – both of which can be avoided.

(i) Extensions which are too heavy, too thick or not isolated are applied. (See Perfect Isolation under About) If extensions which are too heavy for your natural lashes are forced on , natural lash damage can occur as they struggle under the weight. We will advise you and guide you to a style which is suited to your natural lash to avoid this.

(ii) Extensions are forcefully ripped out. The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is Medical Grade – as strong as the glue used during minor surgery. If you pull at your extensions they will not detach from your natural lashes – they will come out with your natural lashes attached.

Neither of these scenarios are likely to cause instant permanent damage. If they were repeated over time, eventually the roots of the natural lashes could become damaged which may cause permanent damage. This is very rare.

How can I make my extensions last as long as possible?

We will discuss proper aftercare with you at your appointment. In summary:

  • Keep your new extensions dry for 24 hours. You can shower but no steam, and wipe gentley around your eyes. No swimming for the first day and avoid humidity as much as possible.
  • Oil will weaken the lash adhesive. If this happens, the extensions will clump together and not last as long. Use only oil-free products around your eyes (eye make up remover etc) and limit other oils in the areas surrounding as it can be extreted through your pores.
  • Avoid touching your lashes, no rubbing or tugging.
  • No Lash Curlers.
  • You will be provided with a mascara wand to take with you. Use this to gentley brush your lashes every day, to keep them all pointing in the right direction and prevent any tangles.
  • If you can, avoid mascara all together. If you must use it – make sure it is NOT water proof. This contains oil and will be impossible to remove from the extensions.
  • Wash your lashes several times a week. You can simply use water and the mascara wand, or if something extra is required – 1 part baby shampoo to 7 parts water. Mix together and comb through with your mascara wand.

Do I need to do anything before I come to my appointment?
Please view the video in  Before Your Appointment . Most importantly is to ensure all eye make up is removed so we can maximise the time spend on your lashes.