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    Perth Lash Extensions

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    Tan Lash & Beauty have offered Eyelash Extensions in Perth since 2011 and have three locations, including our foundations and forever home in North Perth, our new flagship location in City West Perth launched in September 2019 and our partner salon in Cannington which we established in 2016. Our specialised focus as a Lash Salon guarantees our clients a fully trained and qualified Lash Technician at every visit. Our Team of Lash Artists includes several Russian Volume Experts whose extensive training and experience allows them to design sets of Lash Extensions at up to 5-6D thickness or 600 eyelash extensions per eye.

    Our Specialist Service Menu of Lashes, Spray Tanning and GLAM Hair & Make-Up can all be booked online as close as an hour or two ahead should there be availability or up to 10 weeks in advance. Our online booking system is updated live allowing our clients to see and choose from all available appointments and gain instant confirmation on their selection. Please consider the information in the FAQ section and feel free to contact us should you still have any enquiries on 0422 783 553 or please Book Online Now!

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    Perth Tan Lash & Beauty Popular Eyelash Extension Styles

    Classic Lashes
    classic lash extensions
    Hybrid Lashes
    volume lash extensions
    Russian Lashes
    full 3D volume Russian lash extensions


    Full Lash Extension Set 1 hour $109

    • 15 Min Touch Up $50
    • 2 Week Refill $70
    • 3 Week Refill $85


    Full Lash Extension Set 1 hour & 20 minutes $139

    • 15 Min Touch Up $50
    • 2 Week Refill $80
    • 3 Week Refill $95


    Full Lash Extension Set 1 hour & 40 minutes $169

    • 15 Min Touch Up $50
    • 2 Week Refill $90
    • 3 Week Refill $110

    About Us

    Established in 2009 as “Perth Tans”, a humble home operation – within two years we had shifted focus to become qualified and specialise in Perth’s Lashes.  The newly branded Tan Lash & Beauty soon shifted to a shared Beauty Salon in North Perth before expanding into our own dedicated Walcott Street some years ago.

    Our growth continued with 2017 seeing the opening of our 2nd South of the River location in Cannington, followed by our recent exciting entrance to the Western Suburbs in September 2019 when our 3rd salon launched at City West in West Perth.

    One of the oldest names in Perth’s Lash industry, Tan Lash & Beauty has remained under the same private ownership through out our journey. The founder still works within the business, connecting with our customers on a daily basis and participating in a team that shares a passion for what we do.

    The creation of a lash set takes focus, creativity and dedication – a good Lash technician cannot help but become personally involved in the results they produce. This is visible in the beautiful lashes created by our team on a regular basis.

    The labour intensive nature of Lash Extensions means they are a luxury service industry-wide. So we can continue to share our passion we work hard to be efficient and accurate to keep our Service Menu affordable to our valued clients whom are just like us.

    On the request of our clients we have added some of the services they regularly require to our menu including Brow Waxing, Skin Treatments, Tinting & Spray Tanning but Lashes still represent over 75% of what we do. Our team are all fully qualified, experienced and are create advanced lash sets on a daily basis. You are guaranteed an expert at every appointment.

    Follow our instagram to see some recent photos of our work, our team and our creative spaces.

    Lash Lift

    Following their success on the East Coast several years ago, Tan Lash & Beauty was one of the first salons to introduce Lash Lifts to Perth several years ago. Available as an alternative for those whom may not be suitable for or desire extensions, this treatment will relax, lift and then reshape your natural lashes from the root.

    The popularity of the treatment has seen it spread rapidly but the intricacy, precision and fine motor skills developed by years of Lash Extension experience sets the Lash Lift results produced by our team apart.

    Learn everything you need to know about the latest trend in Lash Technology.

    Henna Brows in Perth

    Lash & Brow design can now be the seamless experience it was intended to be with the addition of Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing services to Tan Lash & Beauty.

    The addition of some well established ‘Brow Queens’ with their own following to our team in the last  two years saw them convert us all to THE hottest trend in Brow Design: Henna Brows. These perfectly sculpted brows are the non-tattooed version of Brow Design, create results that last for weeks on the skin and 6-8 weeks on the hair are the perfect compliment to Fresh, Fluffy Lashes.

    A Henna Brow Transformation includes the Shaping, Sculpting & Re-Design of your Eyebrows according to your facial structure. The unique ability to not only dye the brow hair but stain the skin underneath means you’ll never have to pencil in your eyebrows again.

    Spray Tanning

    spray tan in perth

    Perth Tans was established in 2009 and has enjoyed a decade as Perth’s Premier Tanning Specialists. Now all Tan Lash & Beauty Locations including North Perth, City West Perth & our partner salon in Cannington have become local spray tanning hubs.

    We regularly invest in equipment upgrades and take confidence in the fact we are supported by the best spray tanning tools available on the Australian market. The flawless, even tans we can produce in a 10 minute appointment cannot be distinguished from a natural tan. Nor can they be compared with the patchy, orange hue risked by attempting to spray tan yourself with a hair-dryer like device and inferior solution often long since expired.

    Our carefully selected tanning solution range showcases Industry Giants including salon exclusive Tuscan Tan, Aviva and Naked Tan. Our newest addition Luxe 20 Min Tan allows the recipient to shower from as little as 20 minutes post-appointment, extremely popular for last minute bookings.
    Visit our spray tanning focused pages for for specialised tanning information.

    Gift Vouchers

    perth beauty salon day spa gift voucher buy online perth

    Tan Lash & Beauty Gift Voucher Experience are one of Perth’s most popular choices for presents this year. The recipient will  be treated to the ultimate luxury in salon pamper session  achieved through and of our specialised services menu .
    You can purchase a voucher online, print immediately or email to your recipient or stop in to collect collect one of our hard copy Gift cards from the North Perth salon today. And you can choose any amount you wish for your special gift.

    Salon Hours By Appointment

    Yes – We are open late! For your convenience we have evening appointments available through out the working week.  For live availability click “Book Now” to browse the calendar.

    Mon: 9AM – 7:30PM
    Tue: 9AM – 7:30PM
    Wed: 9AM – 8:30PM
    Thu: 9AM – 9:30PM
    Fri: 9AM – 7:30PM
    Sat: 9AM – 5:00PM
    Sun: Closed

    Perth Salon Locations

    North of the River

    Shop 4 The Walcott Centre
    265 Walcott Street
    accessed via Blake Street

    City Centre – Western Suburbs

    Shop 13 Plaistowe Mews
    City West 110 Railway St

    South of the River

    Shop 17
    53 Cecil Avenue