Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash extensions involve the application of one or more extensions (according to style) to an individual natural eyelash. The treatment extends the length and increases the volume of the natural lashes to varying degrees according to the selected style.

Check out the details and the differences in Eyelash Extensions Styles .


Our lash extensions range in price from $50+ for Touch Ups & Refills to $135+ for Full Sets.

For a detailed eyelash extensions price list as well as all our other services check out our Prices

As a general rule, eyelash extensions should fall out attached to the natural lash when it sheds naturally as part of the Lash Cycle. If you left a full set of Eyelash Extensions to fall out naturally it would take around 4-6 weeks for the average person to lose them all, assuming they were looked after properly.

If you want to maintain your lashes then we usually see people for Refills from 2-3 weeks when they have typically lost 40% or more.

The number one factor in retaining your lashes as long as possible is perfect aftercare! This is very easy to do and we run through the tips & tricks with you at your appointment.

Following these aftercare steps can as much as double the amount of time clients can go between refills . Check out the ‘Eyelash Extensions’ section for more information on the fundamentals.

A Classic application attaches one individual extension to each suitable natural lash. The existing natural lashes become longer and thicker however the total number of lashes is not increased.

A Volume application attaches multiple extensions to one natural lash. Volume extensions are finer and feel softer than those used in Classic however the total number of lashes is multiplied 3+ times. This achieves a fuller, more dramatic look.

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a blend of Classic and Volume. See Eyelash Extension Styles

Lash Extension bookings range from 45-90mins for Lite Sets, Classic Sets and Refills, up to 90-150 mins for Volume Full Sets.

This is subject to many factors including how many natural lashes the client has, in the case of a refill how many extensions they may have remaining, the speed of the technician they are paired with and whether the lashes are in good condition on arrival or if additional prep is required.

Our online booking system gives an individual estimate for each service prior to booking.

Lash Lift appointments take from 45-60 minutes.

Spray Tan appointments are 10-15 minutes.

Brow Wax bookings range from 15 minutes for a regular wax & tint, up to 45 minutes for Henna Brows or Brow Lamination.

Yes. You do need to keep your extensions dry following the prodedure but we can carefully avoid the eye area or we can carry out the tan prior to the lashes.

Natural Lash Damage occurs for two main reasons – both of which can be avoided.

(i) Extensions which are too heavy, too thick or not isolated are applied. (See Perfect Isolation under About) If extensions which are too heavy for your natural lashes are forced on , natural lash damage can occur as they struggle under the weight. We will advise you and guide you to a style which is suited to your natural lash to avoid this.

(ii) Extensions are forcefully ripped out. The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is Medical Grade – as strong as the glue used during minor surgery. If you pull at your extensions they will not detach from your natural lashes – they will come out with your natural lashes attached.

Neither of these scenarios are likely to cause instant permanent damage. If they were repeated over time, eventually the roots of the natural lashes could become damaged which may cause permanent damage. This is very rare.

We will discuss proper aftercare with you at your appointment and give you a takeaway guide like below.

eyelash extension aftercare

In summary:

  • Keep your new extensions dry for 24 hours. While modern techniques mean this is not as crucial as it once was, it is still recommended. Definitely no swimming for the first day and avoid humidity as much as possible.
  • Cleanse Daily. Wash your lashes several times a week using a recommended Lash Cleanser. This is the most important factor in Lash Retention.
  • Brush religiously. You will be provided with a mascara wand to take with you. Use this to gently brush your lashes every day, to keep them all pointing in the right direction and prevent any tangles.
  • Oil will weaken the lash adhesive. If this happens, the extensions will clump together and not last as long. Use only oil-free products around your eyes (eye make up remover etc) and limit other oils in the areas surrounding as it can be excreted through your pores.
  • Avoid touching your lashes, no rubbing or tugging.
  • No mascara. Avoid it altogether if you can. If you must use it – make sure it is NOT water proof. This contains oil and will be impossible to remove from the extensions.
  • Return regularly. Don’t leave it too long. We recommend 2 weeks for your first refills, you can get longer but for the first fill we would rather see you sooner so we can assess your natural lash cycle.

In the 24 hours prior

  1. avoid oil and oily products as best you can for 24 hours prior
  2. No eye makeup, particularly mascara, on appointment day. This is my far the most important tip. If you must wear eye makeup please make sure you remove it with an oil-free remover prior to attending. Our appointments are booked in back to back so if we need to spend time removing thick eye make-up it will reduce the time we can spend on your lashes. No eye-curlers either as these make it harder for the extensions to adhere to the natural lashes.
  3. If you wear contact lenses, bring along solution so you can remove them prior to your appointment
  4. Remember to allow 24 hours notice minimum to change or cancel and to reply ‘Y’ to your confirmation sms on appointment day.

Check out the video below for a cute summary!


1. If you need to do any Hair Removal , for the best results allow 8 hours before your appointment whether this be the morning or the night before. This gives your pores a chance to close and avoids them being irritated by the tan.

2. For longest lasting results Exfoliate prior to your appointment, ideally a minimum of 3 hours prior but as early as the night before is great too.

3. If possible Shower to remove deodorant and makeup just prior to your appointment. We understand many clients come directly from work and this is not possible – don’t worry you can still have a tan. If this is you, consider adding on a primer which will give you the same boost to results as exfoliating and showering before your appointment.

You will love any of our options.

If you are unsure, simply select ‘Undecided Solution’ or the relevant add-on and we can consult and decide at your appointment.

For those who like to be prepared ahead of time, you can use our ‘Spray Tan Matcher’ now and be guided to your best option! Then just let us know at your appointment as all of the options are in stock.

While we have a decade of experience in these treatments, we are not qualified to give medical advice.  If you are pregnant it is essential you discuss any concerns with your doctor and make sure this is safe in your specific circumstances.

To help you in your research, we can share the following from our experience in welcoming many clients who made the decision to go ahead without issue.

This is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Lashes during pregnancy:

  • Popularity: Lash Extensions are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. In recent years clients requesting the service in preparation for “birth photos” has been increasingly common.
  • Comfort: you will be laying on your back for the majority of the procedure. While we utilise padded foam toppers and can add cushioning behind your knees or under your lower back, you may find this amount of time on your bank uncomfortable very late in pregnancy.
  • Shorter Appointments: Going for a lighter style ( and therefore shorter appointment length)  than usual or scheduling a full set earlier on and short touch ups later may make things easier for you.
  • First Timers: Trying any treatment for the first time during pregnancy adds a layer of risk, wherever possible trying out the service ahead of time is highly recommended or otherwise requesting a patch test may be necessary. Seeking medical advice is even more important in this is a first time procedure.
  • Old Timers: changes in hormones and their balance and physical changes are inevitable during pregnancy and childbirth. This can affect hair growth and retention and it differs from woman to woman. Your experience while pregnant may differ to your past experiences!

Spray Tan While Pregnant:

  • Popularity: You are not alone in your curiosity! “Pre-baby shower” and “pre-birth” spray tans have been a frequently requested service for many years.
  • Non-toxic: The active ingredient in all fake tan products including spray tans is DHA. This is a non-toxic chemical derived from sugar which reacts with the outermost layer of your skin. Tests have indicated it doesn’t penetrate other layers of your skin or enter your bloodstream.
  • Ventilation: To ensure client health and safety we utilise advanced floor to ceiling extraction equipment to reduce overspray and ensure adequate ventilation. We also recommend you consider the need to spray tan your face area and potentially excluding it while pregnant.
  • First Timers: Trying any treatment for the first time during pregnancy adds a layer of risk, wherever possible trying out the service ahead of time is highly recommended. If you have not done so, we recommend doing a patch test at home using fake tan 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Old Timers: Hormone changes during pregnancy can means your skin may not react in the same way it always has! It can be increasingly sensitive or it may be more resistant or susceptible to the active ingredient meaning you might go lighter or darker than you have in the past. If you are tanning for a specific event during your pregnancy, a trial several weeks prior to gauge the darkness and depth of colour is recommended.

Above are the answers to some of your most FAQ about our services including how long do eyelash extensions last and how much are lash extensions ?

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