Eyelash extensions involve the application of one or more extensions (according to the style) to an individual natural eyelash. The treatment is carried out by a Lash Artist who will, with the tweezers in one hand, isolate one natural lash from the others surrounding it then with the other – prepare the extension or fan of extensions, dip the base in a medical grade adhesive and then attach and adhere the extension to the natural lash from the base.  The treatment extends the length and increases the volume of the natural lashes to varying degrees according to the selected style.

Over time, the extensions will slowly fall out along with the natural lashes as they do in a regular Lash Cycle. After some weeks the individual can choose to return for a shorter refill appointment to keep them maintained and return them to the condition of a full set once again. Or they can allow them to continue to shed naturally for a couple more weeks.

Check out the details and the differences in Eyelash Extensions Styles .


Our Full Sets of Lash Extensions start from $90 for a Classic Set of Lashes and go upwards right through until our most extreme 6-8D Volume Full Set which takes 2.5 hours to apply and costs $215.

Our most popular set of lashes are the Hybrid Set which are $155 for  the full set application which takes 90 minutes.

Refills start from $50 for a Touch Up appointment, from $90 for Classic Refills up through til $120 for Volume Refills.

For a detailed eyelash extensions price list as well as our full service menu check out  Prices here or jump on our booking portal where you can see a priced Service List complete with our Add-Ons menu and real time availability!

how much do eyelash extensions cost

Just like the hair on our head, we all have different natural lash cycles, not only from each other but even within ourselves as our lives and environments change over time

Speaking very generally, if all other factors (application, aftercare, health, age, products, weather etc) remain constant – if the average person has a full set of eyelash extensions applied, looks after them but allows them to slowly fall out naturally without Refills – they could expect up to 4-6 weeks to lose them entirely.

We usually see people who maintain their lashes over time for a shorter Refill appointment 2-3 weeks after their initial set. Having typically lost 40%-50% of the full set in 2-3 weeks, the refill appointment is enough time to clean up and refill these right back up to what will feel like a brand new set.  

For those of you interested in the three phases of the eyelash growth and which stage the natural lashes your Lash Artist will be targeting are in, just how many natural lashes it is we have anyway or other nerdy, high school biology based data that gets the rest of us excited – read on about the natural lash cycle here.

Following the aftercare steps closely can as much as double the amount of time a clients can get before needing to come back or refills. We will give you this information at your appointment or you can check out the ‘Eyelash Extensions’ section for more on the fundamentals.

Classic and Volume Lash Extensions

are the two primary types of Eyelash Extensions. Both of which have different actual products and application techniques that distinguish them.  A Classic Set of Lashes involves the attachment of one individual eyelash extension usually 0.15mm in diameter to each suitable natural lash individually. The existing natural lashes all become longer and thicker however the total number of lashes is not increased.

A Volume application attaches multiple, finer extensions, most commonly 0.07mm to one individual natural lash. Volume extensions feel softer than those used in Classic and typically clients opt for a slightly lesser length than they do with Classic, however the total number of lashes you will have when the set is complete is multiplied 4-8X over.

Hybrid, Wispy and Wet Look Lash Extensions

are types of Lash Extension sets, particularly popular in recent years, which are each composed of a different blends between the Classic and Volume applications and products. For ease of understanding the below diagram pictures natural lashes as red to distinguish them from the black extensions.

Further to the overall type of Lash Set which you choose ahead of your appointment, within each category we can customise the length;  ( from 6mm – 17mm )  the curl; ( C Curl, D Curl, M Curl, B Curl, L Curl , Y Curl ) the colour and the ‘Lash Map’ of your set of lashes – which we will do by consult at your appointment should you not have existing preferences.

Read more about the differences in types of Lashes in the FAQ below and at  Eyelash Extension Styles


eyelash extension styles wispy lashes volume lashes classic

Lash Extension Full Set appointments  range from 45mins for Lite Sets, up to 2.5 hours for 6-8D Extreme Volume Sets. Our most commonly booked Full Hybrid or Wispy Lashes are up to 90 minutes in length.

Our Lash Refill menu ranges from 15 -20 minute for touch up appointments, up to an average of 1 hour to 1 hour 15 for a 2-3 week Lash refill.

A multitude of factors can impact this including the number of natural lashes you have, the coverage you want to achieve, the application style and therefore speed of the experienced Lash Artist you are paired with, the condition and prep required on your natural lashes on arrival and of course any add ons you choose such as a Brow Tint or Spray tan. The infographic above regarding prices includes an estimate and the estimated duration is also available as part of the online booking process.

As our services all vary in length from time to time we have to adjust the start time of the appointment by 10 minutes either way to avoid 30 minute breaks between each appointment but if we need to do so we will always let you know beforehand.

Lash Lift appointments take from 45-60 minutes.


Yes. We work around the minor change required in aftercare should the two services be in the one appointment and wherever possible will schedule the services in the order which will be most comfortable for you.

Much of the information which raised concerns for people is now largely outdated – such as the advice widely accepted a decade ago that lash extensions must be kept absolutely dry for 24 hours following the appointment and therefore showering following a spray tan would be out of the question  for a Lash Extensions client.

While extra care is recommended in the first day largely to discourage the touching and transfer of oil to the new lashes, we now know that lash adhesive will be cured for the most part before the client leaves the salon and the minor risk of a splash is not a cause for concern in the slightest.



Natural Lash Damage, can very rarely occur for two main reasons – both of which can be avoided.

(i) Extensions which are too heavy, too thick or not propertly isolated are applied. (See Perfect Isolation under About) If extensions which are too heavy for your natural lashes are forced on , natural lash damage can occur as they struggle under the weight of them and put pressure on the root of the lash and the follicle. We will advise you and guide you to a style which is suited to your natural lash to avoid this and we do not use pre-made fans. Utilised by Lash Techs who lack the training or experience to create Volume Lashes by fans, these extensions come in a factory produced bunch which is pre joined at the base. While a hand created fans allows for the wrapping of the multiple lashes surrounding your natural eyelash , a heat bonded cluster can only be attached to a limited degree and will retain its identically produced composition until it falls off in the same cluster.

(ii) Extensions are forcefully ripped out. The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is Medical Grade – as strong as the glue used during minor surgery. If you pull at your extensions they will not detach from your natural lashes – they will come out with your natural lashes attached.

Neither of these scenarios are likely to cause instant permanent damage. If they were repeated over time, eventually the roots of the natural lashes could become damaged which may cause permanent damage. This is very rare.

The number one step you can take to take to protect your natural lashes from damage is to maintain great Lash Hygiene. It’s a shame that many do not educate their clients regarding the regular cleansing of their extensions which results in those clients trying to avoid water as much as possible through out the life of their extensions as they mistakenly feel they are protecting their investment by preventing early loss in doing so.

In fact, the regular cleaning with an approved Eyelash Cleanser is not only essential in the case of Lash Extensions but is also promoted by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in general to prevent Blepharitis or a Lash Mite infestation which can present just as commonly in the present of sub-optimal Lash Hygiene both with or without the addition of eyelash extensions.

We can discuss proper aftercare with you at your appointment and give you a takeaway guide like below.

eyelash extension aftercare

In summary:

  • Keep your New Lashes Dry for 24 hours. While modern techniques mean this is not as crucial as it once was, it is still recommended for the most part to avoid the touching or disruption to the extensions as you become used to them. Avoid humidity & steam as much as possible in the first 24 hours is more important than liquids
  • Cleanse Daily. After 24-36 hours, wash your lashes religiously every 2 days using a recommended Lash Cleanser. If debris and oils are allowed to build up this is not only a fast track to irritation and complications as your oil glands become clogged, it will cause the rapid loss of your extensions prematurely. Lash Hygiene is the most important factor in Lash Retention.
  • Brush Daily when DRY. You will be provided with a mascara wand to take with you. Use this to gently brush your lashes every day, to keep them all pointing in the right direction and prevent any tangles. Do not do brush them with the mascara wand when your lashes are wet as your natural lashes are already being weighed down by the extensions and adhesive. The extra water weight if brushing with force will cause premature lash shedding to the lashes with a shrinking follicle during that particular phase of the cycle. The soft cleansing brush which comes with the Cleanser can be used to apply the product and work it through when wet.
  • If You Need to Dry Your Lashes –  gently blot with a smooth towel, paper towel, clean flat makeup sponge or rag to rid them of excess water. As they dry they will retain their fanned out shape. Avoid using hot air from a hair dryer as the heat can cause the composite material in the extensions to actually singe.  Gentle flow of cool air is OK to assist with drying.
  • Oil will weaken the lash adhesive. If this happens, the extensions will clump together and not last as long. Use only oil-free products around your eyes (eye make up remover etc) and limit other oils in the areas surrounding as it can be excreted through your pores.
  • Avoid touching your lashes, no rubbing or tugging.
  • No mascara. Avoid it altogether if you can. If you must use it – make sure it is NOT water proof. This contains oil and will be impossible to remove from the extensions. If you apply to your bottom lashes, when you close them it will transfer to the top. Use a Lash Extension specific mascara if you can.
  • Return regularly. Don’t leave it too long. We recommend 2 weeks for your first refills, you can get longer but for the first fill we would rather see you sooner so we can assess your natural lash cycle. If you allow your extensions to dip below 50% it’s difficult to return them to a full set and in general the overall live of the extensions before a new set is needed will be less.

In the 24 hours prior

  1. Avoid oil and oily products as best you can for 24 hours prior. They prevent the adhesive from properly adhering.
  2. No eye makeup, particularly mascara, on appointment day. This is my far the most important tip. If you must wear eye makeup please make sure you remove it with an oil-free remover prior to attending. We can spend time removing your eye make-up, then thoroughly drying your lashes so the adhesive will properly attach before starting the preparation process. But our time is much better spent applying lashes , particularly if this takes up 10 minutes of a 60 minute refill appointment. If it’s not properly removed it will prevent the adhesive from properly bonding.
  3. Foundation around the eyes – thick foundation around the eyes will be unintentionally removed by the gel eye pads we used to secure your lower lashes during the appointment. This will leave a crescent shape under your eyes following your appointment. It will also prevent the gel pads and micro fibre tape from sticking to your skin and staying in place which will cause them to slide around, allowing your lower lashes to escape and become tangled or even causing irritation to the whites of your eyes if your eyes are not properly closerd and become irritated due to the fumes or a bad sliding up and into contact with them.  If you can limit any additional substance in the area surrounding your eyes on the appointment day or remove it prior you will be more comfortable.
  4. If you wear contact lenses, bring along solution so you can remove them prior to your appointment. If any debris were to find itself in your eyes  particualrly during the refill process where we may be removing grown out lashes they could become stuck underneath the contact lense which can scratch your eye and be very uncomfortable.
  5. Remember to pay your deposit a minimum of 48 hours prior, allow 24 hours notice minimum to change or cancel and to reply ‘Y’ to your confirmation sms on appointment day.

Check out the video below for a cute summary!


1. If you need to do any Hair Removal , for the best results allow 8 hours before your appointment whether this be the morning or the night before. This helps due to natural exfoliation of the top layer of skin but also gives your pores a chance to close again before your appointment so they dont become irritated by the spray tan.

2. For longest lasting results Exfoliate prior to your appointment, ideally a minimum of 3 hours prior but as early as the night before is great too. Rmoving the top, dead layer of your skin will result in a more even, longer lasting result.

3. If possible Shower to remove deodorant and makeup just prior to your appointment. We understand many clients come directly from work and this is not possible – don’t worry you can still have a tan. If this is you, consider adding on a primer which will give you the same boost to results as exfoliating and showering before your appointment as well as balancing the ph level of your skin – making it optimal for the right amount of development from the DHA – the active ingredient in our spray tan which is a sugar derivative.

You will love any of our options.

If you are unsure, simply select ‘Undecided Solution’ or the relevant add-on and we can consult and decide at your appointment.

For those who like to be prepared ahead of time, you can use our ‘Spray Tan Matcher’ now and be guided to your best option! Then just let us know at your appointment as all of the options are in stock.

While we have a decade of experience in these treatments, we are not qualified to give advice as to their suitability during pregnancy as is the case in respect to many potential contraindications during pregnany, there is limited potential for useful research.

If you are pregnant it is essential you discuss any concerns with your doctor and make sure this is safe in your specific circumstances.

To help you in your research, we can share the following from our experience in welcoming many clients who made their own decision to go ahead. This is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Lash Extensions during pregnancy:

  • Popularity: Lash Extensions are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. In recent years clients who have requesting the service leading up to the birth as an anticipated substitute for makeup  have been increasingly common.
  • Comfort: you will be laying on your back for the majority of the procedure. While we utilise padded foam toppers and can add cushioning behind your knees or under your lower back, you may find this amount of time on your back uncomfortable very late in pregnancy.
  • Shorter Appointments: Going for a lighter style ( and therefore shorter appointment length)  than usual or scheduling a full set earlier on and short touch ups later may make things easier for you.
  • First Timers: Trying any treatment for the first time during pregnancy adds a layer of risk due to the limited treatment options should their be an unexpected reaction. We have known some doctors to advise avoiding treatments during the first trimester when some people are at increased risk of allergic reactions.
  • Seeking medical approval is even more important if a first time treatment was being considered and a patch test would need to be scheduled in the days ahead.
  • Old Timers: changes in your hormones, physical changes to your body, its temperature, your skin, nails and hair  is part of your pregnancy journey! How this translates into the results you achieve in comparison to those you have experienced previously is different from person to person. You may have a longer lasting result if your hair growth has slowed or a lesser one if it has increased.

Spray Tans During Pregnancy:

  • Popularity: You are not alone in your curiosity! Spray tans and Lashes Pre-baby shower, Pre-birth , Pre-Mummy-Moon as well as just “business as usual” appointments have been popular for for many years and are nothing out of the ordinary for any of us.
  • Non-toxic: The active ingredient in all fake tan products including spray tans is DHA. This is a non-toxic chemical derived from sugar which reacts with the outermost layer of your skin. Tests have indicated it doesn’t penetrate other layers of your skin or enter your bloodstream.
  • Ventilation: To ensure client health and safety we utilise advanced floor to ceiling extraction equipment to reduce overspray and ensure adequate ventilation. We also recommend you consider the need to spray tan your face area and potentially excluding it while pregnant. We can provide you with either nasal plugs or a mask for an extra precaution if you wish.
  • First Timers: Trying any treatment for the first time during pregnancy adds a layer of risk, wherever possible trying out the service ahead of time is highly recommended. If you have not done so, we recommend doing a patch test at home using fake tan 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Old Timers: Hormone changes during pregnancy can means your skin may not react in the same way it always has! It can be increasingly sensitive or it may be more resistant or susceptible to the active ingredient meaning you might go lighter or darker than you have in the past. If you are tanning for a specific event during your pregnancy, a trial several weeks prior to gauge the darkness and depth of colour is recommended. A primer booked directly before your tan will also help to balance the pH level of your skin and hopefully assist in achieving a balanced result.
Our comprehensive overview of eyelash extension services is for Lash Lovers and avid researchers alike and covers the various styles, techniques, and pricing of our curated service menu.
Our deep dive into Eyelash Extensions page covers the application methods for Classic, Hybrid & Russian Volume Lashes including the importance of individualized lash mapping and styling to enhance facial symmetry and eye appearance.

For a summary eyelash extension pricelist click through to our Prices .