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You asked and we delivered: Tan Lash & Beauty launched with Afterpay in April 2019!

NB: Currently available for appointments in North Perth & City West Perth only. Afterpay is NOT available for appointments in Cannington.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a budgeting tool which allows you to book and enjoy our services now but pay for them later with four easy instalments.

There is nothing extra to pay as long as you pay on time and you don’t need to apply for a new card or go through a lengthy approval process.

The first of the 4 instalments is charged by Afterpay in store on the day of appointment and then the remaining 3 are made each fortnight following. Generally your fourth and final payment will be made six weeks after your appointment.

Which Services Can I Pay For Using AfterPay ?

We accept Afterpay for services totalling $100 and above. This can be a single service, multiple services in a single appointment, the packaging of a set of services to be used over time or a combination of services & retail products.

Lash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions, Hair and Make-up and packages including Henna Brows and Spray Tans are all eligible in North Perth and City West.

So How Do I Book Using Afterpay?

Afterpay can not be used for online payment during the online booking process but will be processed by us in store. So to book an appointment for which you intend to pay for using Afterpay follow these steps:

1.  Sign Up To Afterpay! Download the Afterpay app to your phone on either ios or Google Play.

2. Select & generate the “Barcode” tab –  this tells you how much you have available to spend with Afterpay retailers. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the services you intend to pay for using Afterpay and remember the minimum is $100

3. Commence with your Online Booking as normal. If you intend on pre-paying several appointments using Afterpay – just book the First Appointment of your selection and we will schedule and package the others at your appointment.

ie if you intend on packaging a full set and several refills – simply book the initial Full Set of Lashes online. Or if you intend to Afterpay a 10 Tan Pass just book your first single spray tan appointment online.

5. When given the option to add comments to your booking, note your intention to pay with Afterpay and for what service/set of services.

6. When prompted by the online booking system for Payment, if intending to Pay with Afterpay you can select “Pay Later” rather than “Pay Now.” *

6. Your booking is confirmed! Simply attend your appointment as booked and we will take care of the rest in store!  **

*Remember, our normal cancellation policies apply and 24 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel lash or make-up appointments without penalty. See your email confirmation for details.

**Depending on the intended value of your package, we may contact you 24 hours before your appointment to request a screenshot of your Afterpay barcode reflecting you have sufficient funds available to cover the appointment.

*not eligible for bookings in the Cannington location.

Ethical Merchants & Responsible Purchases

Afterpay schedules your payment over 4 x fortnightly instalments. The first takes place in store on the appointment day which means the fourth and final repayment period is around 6 weeks later. We want you to enjoy the results of your service for as long as your repayment period!

We encourage our Lash customers to package their Full Set with pre-payment of their first refills in the one Afterpay transaction so they can enjoy beautiful, luscious lashes through out their repayment period.

While this recommendation is to be chosen at the discretion of the customers – we will reward those who choose to do so with 10% off the price of their pre-paid refills!

ie A Full Set is applied at your initial appointment then packaged with the first 3 week refill  – for payment with Afterpay. The refills are discounted by 10% by us to reward pre-payment.  After 3 weeks of enjoying your Full Set you return for the refill and enjoy another 2-3 weeks of Full, Luscious Lashes. By the time you are almost ready for another fill, all your payments have been finalised . Not only did you enjoy  your lashes through-out your repayment period you have the option to opt for a similar Afterpay package of fills with the prior completely out of the way

Some Suggested Afterpay Packages

While we accept Afterpay for any amount over $100, some of our most popular suggested Afterpay packages are below.

Hybrid Lashes : 5-6 Weeks of Lashes & Aftercare | $59 x 4
  1. Appt One: Full Hybrid Set of Lash Extensions ($139)
  2. Appt Two: Three Week Refill Appt ($95) Pre-Paid discount ($85.50) 
  3. Retail: Lash Cleanser for Daily Use to Double Retention ($16.95)

♥ 6 weeks of Lash Extensions ♥ 4 x $59 Afterpayments

Lash Lift & Henna Brows : 6 Weeks of Lashes Lifted | $42 x 4
  1. Appt One: Lash Lift ($99) + HD Henna Brow Transformation ($70)

♥ 6 weeks of Lifted Lashes ♥ 2 Weeks of  HD Henna Brows

♥ 4 x $42 Afterpayments

10 Tan Pass : 10 Naked Tan Spray Tans @ 15% Off | $63 x 4
  1. Appt One: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  2. Appt Two: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  3. Appt Three: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  4. Appt Four: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  5. Appt Five: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  6. Appt Six: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  7. Appt Seven: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  8. Appt Eight: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  9. Appt Nine: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)
  10. Appt Ten: Naked Tan Spray Tan ($30) Tan Pass Price ($25.50)

♥ 10 weeks of the year with a Flawless Tan ♥ 4 x $63 Afterpayments

*not eligible for bookings in the Cannington location.

If You Just Want One Service

Our recommendations are only that. If you simply want to book a single service and pay using Afterpay this is possible. Some of our most popular services and their Afterpay repayment amounts are below.

Classic Lashes Full Set | $109 | 4 x $27.25 Afterpayments

Hybrid Lashes Full Set | $139 | 4 x $34.75 Afterpayments

3D Russian Volume Full Set| $169 | 4 x $42.25 Afterpayments

5-6D Extreme Volume Full Set | $239 | 4 x $59.75 Afterpayments

Lash Lift & Tint | $100 | 4 x $25 Afterpayments

Total Glam Hair Styling & Make-Up| $120 | 4 x $30 Afterpayments

*not eligible for bookings in the Cannington location.