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You asked and we delivered: Tan Lash & Beauty launched with Afterpay in April 2019!

NB: Currently available for appointments in North Perth only.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a budgeting tool which allows you to book and enjoy our services now but pay for them later with four easy instalments. There is nothing extra to pay as long as you pay on time and you don’t need to apply for a new card or go through a lengthy approval process.

Which Services Can I Pay Using AfterPay ?

Afterpay schedules your payment over 4 x fortnightly instalments which means the repayment period is around 7-8 weeks. We want you to enjoy our services though out your repayment period!

So we have put together some packages including treatments expected to last around 2 months. When your repayments are finished and your package is fully redeemed, you can do it all over again!

To make this as simple as possible our blanket rule is that we except Afterpay for total purchases of $200 or more which includes all of the Packages below.

However, if you can’t commit to 2 months of services,  we can allow you to reach the minimum $200 by booking just one service + adding on retail products or gifts or you can mix and match your own package of any combination of services!

ie Hybrid Set of Eyelash Extensions $139 + Tuscan Spray Tan $40+ Lash Aftercare Set of 3 $25 = $204

So What Do I Need to Do Now?

Timely online booking system does not accept Afterpay when booking online so we are considered “In-store” retailers. To book an appointment using Afterpay what you need to do is:

1.  Sign Up To Afterpay! Download the Afterpay app to your phone on either ios or Google Play.

2. Select & generate the “Barcode” tab –  this tells you how much you have available to spend with Afterpay retailers. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the package you selected or at least a minimum of $200.

3. Choose a package below (If you have made your own Package or plan to purchase retail products skip to step 4)

4. Proceed to Book Online as normal for the First Service of your selected Package.

ie If you select the 3D Russian Volume Lashes : 2 Month Package proceed to book your  first service: Full Set of 3D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions using Online Booking. We will book in the rest of your package after your appointment.

5.When prompted by the online booking system note you intend to pay using Afterpay.

6. Your booking is confirmed! We will contact you from 24 hours before your appointment to submit your Afterpay barcode for verification.

NB: All our normal terms and conditions and cancellation policies apply – as long as you allow 24 hours notice to cancel your package booking no penalties will apply. Your booking confirmation email will contain all these details. Browse through our Package options and check out some of our FAQ below.

Afterpay Packages

Classic Lashes : 2 Month Package | 4 X $66/fortnightly payments

  • Full Classic Set ($109)
  • 1 X 2 Week Refills ($70)
  • 1 X 3 Week Refills ($85)
  • Valued: $264

Hybrid Lashes : 2 Month Package | 4 x $78/fortnightly payments

  • Full Hybrid Set ($139)
  • 1X 2 Week Refills ($80)
  • 1 X 3 Week Refills ($95)
  • Valued: $314

3D Russian Volume Lashes : 2 Month Package| 4 x $99/fortnightly payments

  • Full 3D Russian Lash Set ($169)
  • 2X 2 Week Refills ($180)
  • 1 x 15 minute Fill ( $50)
  • Valued: 440

5-6D Russian Volume Lashes : 2 Month Package| 4 x $92/fortnightly payments

  • Full 5-6D Russian Set ($238)
  • 1 x 3 Week Refill ( $169)
  • Valued: 408

Lash & Henna Brow Makeover | 4 x $49/fortnightly payments

  • Lash Lift ($99)
  • HD Henna Brow Transformation ($70)
  • Lash Serum ($29)
  • Valued: 199

Spray Tan Passes | Buy 10 Spray Tans and get 15% Off! | Afterpay 4 x $60 fortnightly payments

  • Buy a Tan Pass of 10 Spray Tans and get 15% Off ! Save $60!
  • 10 Tan Naked Tan Pass | 15% off = $24/tan ($240 | 4 x $60 payments)
  • 10 Tan Aviva  Tan Pass | 15% off = $29/tan  ($290 | 4 x $72.5 payments)
  • 10 Tan Tuscan Tan Pass | 15% off =$34/each ($340 | 4 X $85 payments)