Henna Brows in Perth

You wanted Brows at your Lash appointments? We have broadened our focus to add Eyebrows to our menu including THE hottest trend in Brow Design: HD Henna Brows.

Now  when we’d made the decision to “add on Brows” we figured we may as well go all the way. So In addition to your traditional dye-based lash and brow tints and  waxing (scroll down for more info on yesterdays news) we are excitedto launch our HD Henna Brow Transformation Service!



| Design. Shape. Henna. Wax/Tweeze/Thread. Polish | $70 | 30-40 minutes

Your Brow Makeover begins as we carefully assess your Facial Structure to Design the Perfect Arch for your Face Shape.

Because we use Natural Henna to Stain the Actual Skin underneath your natural brows we have the opportunity to  thicken, fill in gaps and correct over plucked, poorly shaped brows that have been bothering us for years!

While the Henna which coats your eyebrows should last until it grows up, the stain to the skin will last around 2 weeks

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Some Recent Results in Salon


Of course we added ye old faithful Regular Brow Tints, Eyebrow Wax Tidy Ups + the combination of both. Quick & easy your regular tints will dye your brow hairs in vibrant colours, but wont stain the skin underneath like Henna.

Brow Tidy | Tidy Up your existing shape. Wax Off Re-Growth | 10 Minutes – $20

Brow Tidy Up & Traditional Tint | Add Regular Tinting to a Brow Tidy Up. Dye the Hair to Darken Brows for up to a week | 20 Minutes – $35