Henna Brows Perth

Henna Brows have been Perth’s most requested addition to our Signature Lash services for two years, with our clients delighted at the “Non-Surgical” alternative to creating a Brow Tattoo effect.

This allows us to design the  most complimentary arches for their facial structure and colouring. The Henna allows our Brow Stylists to fill out and define eyebrows by tinting the skin, a result not possible with harsh regular tinting.

The perfect compliment to our Lash Service Menu, this high end Brow service is also gaining popularity as a stand alone treatment as the 45 minute transformations continue to achieve exception results.

Ammonia, Lead & Peroxide Free, the 98% natural base allows our Brow experts to safely stain your actual skin where required. This means they can fill-in, fill-out and re-shape your Brows regardless of how thin or out of shape their natural state may be.

Not just a typical eyebrow wax – a Henna Brow Transformation takes into account your individual colouring, facial structure and existing eyebrows when creating the perfect Brow design for you.

Then a combination of waxing, tweezing & threading is used to perfectly shape and polish your new brows to perfection.

The Couture Arches achieved for our clients have made-over not just their eyebrows but transformed their entire look with the High Definition, Well Groomed finish they create.

Henna Stain will last 2 weeks+ on the skin and 3-6 weeks on hair and while you enjoy your new look,  the natural proteins, anti-oxidants and vitamins coat and protect your natural brows to promote growth and strengthen the natural eyebrows. 

Rather than damaging or thinning fragile brows further with peroxide found in traditional tint dyes, Henna is the perfect treatment to restore over plucked or uneven brows to their natural shape while providing an immediate transformation to their appearance. 


| Design. Shape. Henna. Wax/Tweeze/Thread. Polish | $75  | 30-40 minutes

Your Brow Makeover begins as we carefully assess your Facial Structure, Colouring & Natural Brow condition to custom Design your Archs and match you with one of the 7 colours in the range.

Henna is then used to bring your Brow Map to life tinting your eyebrows and staining your skin where required to thicken, fill in and correct over plucked or poorly shaped brows we’ve struggled with for years!

Advanced skill and precision hair removal techniques are used to wax, pluck, trim & thread your Brows to perfection & polish off your brand new High Definition look.

While traditional brow tints act much in the same way as hair dyes, using oxidant to open the cuticle of the hair and allowing colour to penetrate – Henna actually coats the hair shaft like a blanket, ideal when Brow restoration is required. The contrast in these method allows for the protection of the  natural brows, promoting their growth as they strengthen but at the same time creates the appearance of thicker, softer and smoother brows.