Wispy Lashes Wet Look Upgrades

By popular demand, Perth Lash Extensions have added Wispy Lashes and Wet Look styling to our general Eyelash Extensions Menu.

We were unprepared for the way these on trend styles have appealed to the whole range of our much varied demographic of Perth clients and we continue to get a buzz off their delight when they see the results.

You may or may not have heard “Wispy Lashes” or “Wet Look” terms thrown about, along with “Mascara Look Lashes”, “Kim K Style” or “Spikey Look”. But not all eyelash extensions are the same and we have heard many variations so please take a minute to read through!

Wet Look Classic Lashes Upgrade

Those who have had Russian Volume lashes in the past know that after getting out of the shower, the “fans” hand created by your Lash Artist appear somewhat “closed” as a result of the water on the lashes. This temporary affect which typically reverses as the lashes dry and resume their fluffy condition is from where “Wet Look” styling originated!.

Whilst wet the lashes take on what is described as a “mascara” or “clumpy” look which it turns out can appear quite sultry and dramatic, creating a look many people wanted to retain!

Similar in style to a Classic Set but bolder, rather than using individual Classic Lashes a “Wet Look” use “Spikes” created using a bunch of 0.05mm extensions together to produce a  ‘Closed Fan’.  These are then applied in alternating lengths to the natural lashes, creating a super striking look with added texture!

It surprises many people to realise that because our lashes and the extensions we attach are mainly cylinder in shape (aside from their tips) thata single 1 x 0.15mm Classic Lash Extension weighs more than 8 X 0.05mm Volume Lashes combined! This means a Wet Look is creating a Classic Style but with multiple times the visual impact and no additional weight. Where as Classic Lash Extensions adhere to a natural lash at a 1:1 ratio, the group of Volume Lashes  can wrap tightly around it often leading to better retention as an added bonus.

Wet Look Upgrade: $15 to Full/ First Sets / $10 to Refills

Eligible Services: Lite & Classic Full Sets & Refills

Wispy Lashes Hybrid – Volume Upgrade

The “Wispy Look” has been the game changer for many of our clients whom quickly dialled things up a notch from Hybrid Lashes and haven’t looked back.

Carrying through the “Spikes” we describe above, the “Wispy Look” also creates structure using these same narrow, closed fans created using Volume Lashes. What distinguishes the Wispy Look is the way it interchanges the Bold & Daring Spikes with beautiful Volume Fans in alternating lengths, adding another dimension to create a feathered, multi-layered design.

Similar to Hybrid technique in the way it blends two techniques into one style, a Wispy look goes one step further by swapping out the 0.15mm Classic Extensions in Hybrid with the “Spikes” made up of multiple 0.05mm diameter extensions. The group then wraps tightly around the natural eyelash meaning they can not only out last retention of the Classics applied at a 1:1 ratio but lead to multiple times the Visual Impact at a lesser weight.

Wispy Look Upgrade: $25 to Full Sets / $15 to Refills

Eligible Services: All Hybrid & Volume Full Sets & Refills