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Lash Industry Regulation in Perth and Australia


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The average consumer is unaware that the Eyelash Extensions industry is still widely unregulated in Australia.


We were recently invited to bring the “salon perspective” in a news segment covering the ‘boom’ in the Lash Industry in Perth. In line with the global trend, we suggested it can partly be attributed to “Lashes” being one of the few treatments still visible behind a mask.


The story suggested the popularity surge has seen an increase in unqualified and inexperienced Lash Technicians looking to cash in. With few of them having invested in proper training or standards of care, it brought the question of Lash industry regulation into the spotlight.

While there are other protections in place under Australian Consumer Law and some rules enforced by the local council + health department, a savvy consumer should remember choosing a safe place for Eyelash Extensions in Perth is primarily down to them. There are other positives and negatives to the absence of an industry specific regulator for us all to consider too.

From the consumers perspective, a freer market means a wide range of operators are able to operate. From independent home operators to larger salons in commercial premises and beyond, increased competition leads to wider choice. Generally this keeps prices more affordable than they would be in a regulated market.

Wider competition supports businesses by increasing the size and longevity of our industry as a whole. It becomes motivation for us all to be as efficient and effective as possible and prevents larger businesses from creating a monopoly and forcing the smaller players out.

Less rules and regulations means room for growth and innovation which is highly evident in the Lash industry world wide. If you look at how far we have come not only over the last 5-10 years, but each and every year sees the industry evolving at a rapid pace .



So while it’s not all bad news, consumers in receipt of these benefits need to be vigilant in choosing which of the wide choice of operators they trust. 

Remember, at its most basic description an Eyelash Extension application uses point-sharp tweezers to attach 0.05mm diameter extensions right next to the eyes with medical grade adhesive! There’s no need for panic but a little research into a treatment of this nature is well worth while.