Lash Lift – Before and After

Lash Lift – Before and After

Watching the clients reaction when they look in the mirror for the first time after having a Lash treatment is by far one of the highlights of being a Lash Tech. Their smiles and delight are contagious and sharing in the moment with them is really rewarding for us!

First time clients often do a double take having barely recognised themselves.  The impact that the service has on not just their lashes and their eyes, but the beauty of the perfect symmetry that has been created and the way certain features are accentuated and others now seem smaller in contrast regularly exceeds their expectations!

lash lift before and after

Interestingly, it’s often Lash Lift results that seem to really shock and delight. By nature of their name alone, there is an expectations that ‘eyelash extensions’ will ‘extend’ but the knowledge that the Lash Lift they had done has manipulated only the same natural eyelashes they arrived to the appointment with really blows some clients away. This client was one of those that simply couldn’t believe these were her own lashes 💛

A Lash Lift straightens, then lifts and curls the natural lashes from their base before staining them black. This creates the illusion of increased length as shorter lashes are suddenly visible due to the lift and added volume as natural lashes that were previously invisible come to light for the first time.