Why We Are on Team Handmade! 

Why We Are on Team Handmade!

“Lash Fans” are the delicate bunches of fine volume extensions attached to individual natural lashes to create a Volume Set.

Handmade fans are created individually at your appointment. Where as pre-made fans are lash extensions that are mass produced, bunches of identical fans, supplied to the Lash Artist already bonded.

Call us old fashioned, but here’s a few of the reasons we don’t take this short cut:

1/ We Like Bespoke Versatile Sets: one size doesn’t fit all. When a Lash Artist has the skills to create by hand, they can tailor the fans to suit the client’s desired style, whether it’s natural, dramatic, or anything in between. This customization se extensions blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, enhancing your unique eye shape and overall appearance.

Be it a fuller, more glamorous look or a subtle enhancement you are after, creating by hand allows us to deliver.

2. Lightweight: Handmade fans are typically lighter in weight meaning they are less likely to weigh down your natural lashes. The reduced  risk of damage to your natural lashes ensures better long-term lash health!

4. Longer-lasting: because the fans have not been pre bonded, when we create a fan we can then wrap it around your natural lashes! THIS is the fundamental reason this method is better for you. We can place each fan to ensure optimal lash attachment, resulting in noticeably better retention. Ultimately this means fewer refills and a longer time between them.

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