Eyelash Extensions Economics

Eyelash Extensions Economics 🧮💲

Lots of people think that by pushing out their Lash Refill an extra week they are getting “longer out of their lashes” and therefore value for money. Makes sense right?

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It’s true that by waiting an extra week, you are paying “less per day”. But did you know that on average its between 85cents – $1.60/day that you actually save?* 🪙

Over the extra week this works out to be about 5% of your initial investment in a full set.

AND what not everyone realises is that if you do come back sooner, the handful of extra cents a day actually goes further than it does on the appointments that are further apart. It results in 15% more time on a weekly basis (over the life span of the set) ➕➕

The end result is lashes that are fuller, for more of the time and a longer overall life of your set. 🙌

And who knew that one day, statistics would come in handy for the really important things in life? 😆 📉📊