Lash Trend Alert: Minimalist & Natural

Trend Update: 2023’s Eyelash Aesthetic

Greetings, Perth community! In line with global beauty evolutions, we’ve been noticing a trend that originated in Europe and is now gaining traction right here in Western Australia.

natural lashes

Natural Look Eyelash Extensions in Perth

Origins: The pandemic changed many beauty standards. By the end of 2022, Lash Artists in Europe started embracing a mantra: “Shorter, Subtle, Sexy”. This aesthetic has since found its way into the requests we are hearing in our Lash Salons in Perth.

Appeal: The natural look is appreciated for its adaptability, making it suitable for virtual meetings, casual outings, or elegant evenings.

Added Benefits: Beyond their refined appearance, these shorter extensions have the advantage of being lightweight, resulting in longevity and less frequent maintenance needs.

We’re pleased to bring this sought-after look to our clients in Perth. Always a pleasure being part of your beauty evolution.