Did you know SALT can be an Eyelash Extension Killer ?

As humans we naturally excrete electrolytes but luckily Eyelash Extensions are versatile enough to survive this regular level of exposure without restricting your lifestyle!

However, it’s important that following  direct or prolonged exposure to Salt Water you thoroughly Cleanse 💦 your Eyelash Extensions with a proper Lash Safe Cleanser, then carefully allow them to dry. 

Keep this in mind for after :

Swimming at the Beach 🌊

Sweating / Working Out 😰

Crying 😭 – They don’t call them Salty Tears for nothing !

If the salt is not properly removed from your lashes it can absorb all natural moistures, drying out the extensions and natural lashes. In turn this can see them become brittle and their bonds become fragile. Over time salt water corrosion can cause the  active ingredient in Lash Adhesive; Cyanoacrylate to become weakened which may lead to premature Extension Loss.

All of this can be avoided with a super simple Lash Cleanse which is part of recommended daily aftercare anyway. How to clean my Lash Extensions

lash cleanser perth lash extensions

Following this step will not only protect your Lash investment from potential damage from salt but will super charge your retention in many ways !

Our 50ml Lash Cleanser retails for $17.95 and will last for months, it’s the best investment in the life of your extensions that you can make 👌🏼.