how to clean your lashes 

how to clean lash extensions


Lash Cleanser | Aftercare

learn how to clean lash extensions

Once you have invested in a set of eyelash extensions you will want to take care of them and your general lash hygiene at the same time! The biggest factor in how long your lashes will last is how well you follow the aftercare information provided at your appointment.

If you don’t have one already, pick up a Extension Safe Lash Cleanser at your Perth Lash Extensions appointment and potentially DOUBLE the life of your lash extensions when compared to someone who uses the wrong type of cleanser or even worse neglects to clean their lashes at all.

Follow these steps along in the video

1. Wet your face / lashes with clean water.
2. Apply a small amount of Lash Cleanser directly onto your lashes.
3. Gently lather and brush through your lashes all the way down to your eyelid.
4. Rinse thoroughly but gently with water.
5. Gently pat dry